Frequently Asked Questions

A. You can drop in into your nearest office with prior appointment and meet our Counselors, get your queries cleared and then only register with us.

A. Depending upon the country, for secured admission, you have to apply early.  i.e. USA- 9-12 months, Ukraine- 3months, UK- 9-12 months, Singapore- 4 months, etc.

A. You can apply to more than one country at a time.

A. For overseas admission with low percentage you can consult our counselor  with prior appointment.

A. Depending upon the countries rules and regulations you have to pass the  examination . For further queries you are most welcome to visit the office.

A. Yes. The eligible candidates can book a seat for medicine for next year.

A. The age factor varies with the course for admission overseas. For further  details visit our office with prior appointment.

A. The countries have policies to allow work permit for student visa. It varies  from country to country. In certain cases standard hours are allotted as work permit.

A. Placement cannot be assured by us or by the overseas universities. The international cell may assist in certain cases for placement.

A. Workshop is a brief intensive course for a small group emphasizing problem solving, interaction, exchange of information, manual or light industrial work  is done.

A. A student undergoing supervised practical training is called internship.  Internship can be paid for certain courses.

A. The benefit of registering with Study Overseas Counselling Center gives you privilege to get assisted for travel, ticketing and foreign exchange without any extra cost.

A. We can assist you to get your passport.

A. Parents cannot stay beyond certain specific duration. It changes with the country.

A. Scholarship and Financial aid are related to many important decisions . For further details you can contact our office with prior appointment.

A. It is not mandatory to learn foreign language for securing admission overseas but it will be beneficial if you know one foreign language.

A. The refund policies are decided by the Managing Director.

A. After receiving visa you have to join the orientation programme specified in the letter of acceptance. In certain cases due to unavoidable circumstances , if you fail to join the course in time, you are allowed 8-15days with prior permission from the university.